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My Appeal with the WSIAT 2007 - WSIAT 691/05 My Reconsideration June 2013 - WSIAT 691/05R My 2nd Reconsideration June 2020 My 3rd Reconsideration May 2022

My Story - My dealings with the WSIAT

My story about my various appeals and reconsiderations at the WSIAT!

Workplace Safety & Insurance Appeals Tribunal - WSIAT
I have created a sebmenu above with separate webpages for each time I appeared or dealt with the WSIAT.

About the WSIAT
The WSIAT is Ontario's workers compensation appeals tribunal.
Final decisions of the WSIB are appealed to the WSIAT.
Prior to January 1, 1998,the WSIAT was the Workers Compensation Appeals Tribunal of Ontario.

After receiving an appeal decisions of the WSIAT, an individual can ask for the WSIAT to reconsider the decision. There is no written time limit, but the WSIAT imposes a six-month time limit. This time limit is not absolute and can be waved depending on the circumstances surrounding the delay. Additionaly, there is no limit on the numebr of requets for reconsideration that can be made to the WSIAT.

I have provided separate webpages for all the separate appeals and request for reconsideraiton I have made to the WSIAT.
They are listed above