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Knowledge and Information
for Injured Workers, by Injured Workers

This site contains specific information for victims of workplace accidents
to fight their respective workers compensation boards in any Common law Country.
Some common law countries are: Britain, Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and others.

This website has been redesigned and organized to provide information to injured workers.
A considerable amount of new information and categories have been created.
The sole purpose of this website is to help injured workers – through information!

If you can, take the opportunity, and look at the top navigation bar.
This is where I have categorized information. However, you need to know there are many sub-categories that unless you look around you may miss that may be what you are looking for. For example, under “Important Stuff” has the category of books, research studies, and caselaw. These categories are very important to injured workers and, in some cases, may help your fight!
I do apologize as the site is not finished. So, you may come across pages with nothing on it, or sadly no page at all. I have structured the site this way, so I know what needs to be done. I am working on it slowly, as I have my own fight. A fight you will learn about. If you need immediate specific information you can always send me an e-amil at fightwcb@gmail.com

As always, I welcome any comments good, bad, and ugly.
This way I can say it truly is for injured workers by injured workers!

The National Charter Class Claim has been filed with the Court!

The Natioanl Charter Class Claim has been filed with the courts in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta.
The group is proceeding with Ontario's matter first. This matter has been scheduled for a case conference for August 5, 2022.
For more information go to the National Charter Class Claim page.

Fight or Plight of Injured Workers

In thinking of the plight of injured workers, or as I like to properly recognize
"victims of workplace accidents"
I am reminded of this very old but most important legal statement
regarding the rights of those who have been harmed/wronged by a failed system:

“For it is a settled and invariable principle in the laws of England,
that every right when withheld must have a remedy, and every injury its proper redress

Sir William Blackstone - 1765
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