Injured Worker Support Groups

Knowledge, Information, Support, & Advocacy
for Injured Workers, by Injured Workers!

I have setup this page and this section of the website to
help spread the word of injured worker support & advocacy groups.
I have also done this to help the injured worker support groups form, if none exists before, and become stornger,
So colelctively we can all help all injured workers!

I will do everything I am able to help raise awareness of these groups and most importantly to help provide these groups with support, in any way I am able!
This I will do in two ways.
The first is is letting injured workers know of the existence of these support groups. This way these gorups will become stornger and louder!
The second is helping these support groups through by providing them with informaiton, which I have obtained through my schooling and my research into helping non profit groups, of course for free.

Another small way I will be helping these groups, is that in the future, I will be offering them a free website name, creation, and maintenance.
I know my site is not much to look at and it doesnt help that I am partially colourblind LOL, but the importance is getting the word out!
and that word is simply

together, as injured workers, we are stronger!

Of course I always welcome input, advice,informaiton, and even your opinion, jsut use th econtact form or e-mail me your comments directly at

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