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Injured Worker's Written Stories

Learn the Truth from Injured Workers Themselves!

The following are written stories which were sent to me, by injured workers from across the globe, to be published here.
If you would like yoour own story published here, then please send me your story by using the Tell Your Story page.

Also I have setup my story on a sepaarte section of the website, due to the length of my story.

I have broken the written stories down into geographical regions as to where the injured worker lives.
I have doen thsi to show everyone that they are not alone locally, nationally and internationally!

Please note, I have many written stories, but I have not yet placed them on this page.
Please check back as I will be adding them soon.

Also, if I have published your story in error, or if you no longer wish your story to be pusblished here,
please contact me by E-mail and I will gladly remove your story from this page!