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Injured Workers Helping Injured Workers Getting Representation

This section of the website has been setup to provide injured workers with information about the different types of representation,
both free and paid, as well as tips on self-representation.

I do not, in any way, endorse any type, nor do I have a preference, over any. I am just providing you with the information about all your options. This also applies to the names of Lawyers, Paralegals, agents, and organizations that I list. In many cases I have been provided or obtained the information, through third parties and cannot rely on the quality of the information.
Always double check all information and verify the quality of your representative.
Some simple tips have been provided to help you when searching for a representative. What to ask a prospective representative. As well as and some things to expect from paid and free representatives.

It is strongly advisable to review all the sections on representation, even if you do not pursue that option you have an understanding.

If you know of a representative that specializes
in WCB/WSIB/WorkSafe cases
please use the contact page and let me know.
I will add their contact information here.

Representation is an extremely important matter, especially for those injured at work.
It is sad but it is true to say that
"those with money are the ones in society who have the rights best protected,
why because they can afford the best lawyers".

To drive home the importance of representation for injured workers,
I often say if an injured worker was a lawyer,
do you think they would be treated so badly by the employer, and by the WCB/WSIB/WorkSafe?

Hell No!

This proves the point of how WCB/WSIB/WorkSafe and employers exploit
injured workers' lack of legal expertise and knowledge.

There are three simple types of representation:
Please review all and become familar with each

Paid Representation

Free Representation