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Injured Worker Stories

Learn the Truth from
Injured Workers Themselves!


We are poeple, with loved ones, with families to provide for and with families to care for!

We have a RIGHT NOT to be harmed or killed, by our employer's workplace!

This is becuase, we as workers, have no control over our employer's workplace!

This inherent right applies to all, regardless of race, reliegion, colour, creed, sexual orientation, or gender!

There is a very old legal principle that when a person is harmed, or killed thay have been wronged.
When a person has been wronged, they have an inherent right to be righted.
This is the very heart of our justice system.
To ensure everyone is treated fairly or justly!
(fair = just, fairness = justice)

Therefore, if we are harmed, or killed by our workplace, we and our family have an inherent right,
to be FULLY cared for, either through the workers compensation system
and/or if it fails, our justice system!

If people, especially injured workers, do not get justice, this is referred to as a failure of justice!

This is also refered to as when the administration of justice has been brought into disrepute.

This is a huge concern for the administrators of our justice system,
as if society loses complete faith in our justice system,
justice will completely fail and in all liklihood, so will society!

often times, we are told by our leaders, politicians and judges,
that it is the best that they can do for us,
or more commonly they do not see any problem or injustice.

This is why I have setup this section of the website.
So our leaders and people can hear from injured workers themselves,
in their own written story, in their own video story, and my story, that we are
NOT being treated justly by our leaders!