Fighting Your Respective WCB/WSIB/WorkSafe

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Fighting your Respective WCB/WSIB/WorkSafe!

This section of the website has been setup to provide information regarding the different ways you can fight your respective WCB/WSIB/WorkSafe. There are several ways you can fight your respective WCB/WSIB/WorkSafe. Some of them are:
  • Appealing a decision,
  • Joining or starting an injured worker support group,
  • Lobbying your government,
  • Make court challenges on the law,
  • Run for provincial/territorial political office,

  • Appealing a Decision
    To first appeal a decision, notify the decision maker, in writing of your intent to appeal their decision. The next step is to obtain representation. For most of us who can not afford to pay for representation, there are free options. Unfortunately, the free options have been intentionally underfunded by governments. This means there will be a very long wait. Your only other alternative is to try and represent yourself.
    To learn more about the options for representation check out the page which discusses representation by clicking here.

    Joining or Starting an Injured Worker Support Group