Migrant Injured Workers

Knowledge and Information
for Injured Workers, by Injured Workers

I have setup this page to provide informaiotn about and for migrant injured workers.
I will eventually provide more information for injured workers who are migrant workers, here very soon.

Migrant workers are workers who come to Canada under a government program and work. The most common sector where migrant workers are used in is the farming sector in Canada.

I will provide much more information on the subject, as well as much needed helpful information for migrant workers to fight for their rights as injured workers in Canada, as well as right to proper helathcare, imigration information, and more when you are injured!

For now, I provide two links to other websites with information on, about, and for migrant workers.




Also, if you are a migrant worker or know of a migrant worker who ahs suffered a work injury in Canada and requires legal assistance you can contact Industrial Accident Victims Group of Ontario - IAVGO for help.
55 University Ave #15, Toronto, ON M5J 2H7
Website https://iavgo.org/
Phone: (416) 924-6477

IAVGO also has a webpage for migrant injured workers here: https://iavgo.org/migrants-and-precarious-workers/

If you have information you would like me to add here, you can e-mail me at fightwcb@gmail.com.

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