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This page has been setup to provide importnat news stories, whether in the main stream media that directly or indirectly impact injured workers.

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Recent and Important News For or About Injured Workers

I will post important news here affecting injured workers.
It could be local, provincially nationally, or internationally.

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On April 16, 2020 The Supreme Court of Canada
my Application for Leave to Appeal (permission to appeal).
The Supreme Court of Canada has made clear their intentions & feelings that they
Your silence and inaction tells the Supreme Court of Canada that you agree with their feelings towards Injured Workers that we do not matter!

If you disagree with the Supreme Court of Canada tell them so!
Stop being afraid or Pessimistic - your vocie does matter!
With the technology we have today, there is no excuse!
You can call the Supreme Court of Canada and tell them to reconsider their decision of
Paul Taylor v. WSIB case number 38980 by calling (844) 365-9662
You can also send an e-mail, which is free and quick to do at
You can kick it old school by sending a fax at (613) 996-9138
You can TWEET to the Supreme Court of Canada at
You can FaceBook the Supreme Court of Canada at

JUST DO SOMETHING! Or they will think we agree with there treament of us!

You can also TELL OUR Prime Minister you COMPLETLEY DISAGREE with
the Supreme Court of Canada's decision.