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Self-Representation in Ontario

Injured workers helping injured workers injured in Ontario

This section of the website will provide you with information to asist you with representing yourself at each level of the workers compensation appeal process in Ontario:
  • at the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board - WSIB, that manages workers compensation claims;
  • at the WSIB Appeals Branch, and finally;
  • at the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal - WSIAT; and
  • after the WSIAT

  • While there are some limited free representation services in Ontario for injured workers, often these services have been intentionally and drastically underfunded by current and past conservative governments.

    It is important that when ever you receive a decision to notify the WSIB or WSIAT of your intention to appeal, and that you do this within the required time limit. This is usually done by sending in a form or writing a simple letter to the WSIB or the WSIAT. While the WSIAT does not recognize intent to appeal, a party should still notify the WSIAT of their intent to appeal. This way, if needed later, at a higher court, it could benefit you by proving your intent.

    The following are the appeal process broken down into separate pages for each process:

    Asking for reconsideration of the WSIB decision

    Appealing a WSIB decision to the WSIB's internal appeal branch

    Asking the WSIB's appeals branch to reconsideration its decision

    Appealing the WSIB's appeal decision to the WSIAT

    Asking the WSIAT to reconsider its decision.

    After the WSIAT decision - next steps/options.

    PLEASE NOTE: The purpose of this section and in fact the entire website is NOT to give legal advice
    but to provide you with legal information about how all the legal systems work, in relation to workers compensation matters.

    I will be updating the informaiton on this page soon, so please check back regularly.

    I have provided a simple chart, which I will expand on, including explain the type or level of “burden of proof” and who is it that must establish it.