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Paid Representation

The right to representation is not the same as the right to be provided representation!

Injured workers have a right to be represented, at the WCB/WSIB/WorkSafe and the WCAT/WSIAT, but we do not (YET) have a right to be provided a representative free of charge, or to be compensated for our legal costs!

To help people fight their respective WCB/WSIB/WorkSafe, I have setup this page to provide a list of paid representatives (Lawyers, Paralegals and Agents) in each province and Territory who will represent injured workers.

Check with your Provincial or Territorial law society for a referral.
Know that in each province and territory lawyers are licensed by the provincial territorial law society. However, in all provinces, but Ontario agents are not licensed. Ontario in 2008 started licensing of Paralegals. This meant, after the grandfather phase, individuals were required to attend an approved college program and write a bar exam and would then be licensed by the Law Society of Ontario.

How to Check if your Representative is Any Good
One way to check to see if your lawyer, paralegal or agent is any good is to check the cases they have done. All cases are documented in a database and in Canada we have free access to this database.

CanLII the website is

This database also provides information for each province and territory. In each region it also provides information for each Tribunal and court. So, for example if the name of you was Gary Newhouse and he practices in Ontario. Then you would go to CanLII got to Ontario and scroll down until you find the link for the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeal Tribunal and you would see about 70 cases Mr. Newhouse has represented.
Here is the link to my search so you can see for yourself.
Then you can read the various cases Mr. Newhouse has represented people in and make your own determination whether you wish to hire him as a representative.

You also need to know this is only an estimate measure of a representative sometimes you lose because the facts and evidence just are not on your side. Also, in many cases and sadly, the Tribunal decision makers can be biased. This is why we need massive reform which is another topic.

I will provide a list of representatives for each province and territory who I know or have been told they represent injured workers. I make no guarantee of the quality of their work.

Most lawyers will NOT do contingency and will require a upfront fee known as a retainer.
I caution you when you do find a lawyer or representative who will work on contingency as really understand what it means if they win. In some cases, they will only want a portion of a lump sum award, yet in other cases they want a portion of any monthly benefits you get. I do not personally know how true that is but understand the risks of either way and if you cannot afford to pay for a representative consider using the free services listed in a link on the top of the page.

As always if you know a lawyer, paralegal, or agent who represents injured workers by all means send me their contact information and I will add them to this list.



As I mentioned above, the Law Society of Ontario licenses Lawyers and Paralegals in the Province of Ontario. Here is the link to the Law Society of Ontario website here you can check the name and contact of a Lawyer or Paralegal and also use their free referral service

In addition to the Law Society Referral and Directory I have made a list of Lawyers and Paralegals I have heard of that represent injured workers.
I make no indication or recommendation to any. I am only providing a list for your convenience.

Gary Newhouse
1415 Bathurst St, Ste 103
Toronto, Ontario M5R 3H8
Tel:(416) 538-2737
Fax:(416) 538-1969

Richard Fink
466 Dupont St
Toronto, Ontario M5R 1W6
Tel:(416) 537-0108
Fax:(416) 537-1604

As Always if you know of a lawyer or Paralegal in Ontario that represents Injured workers send me an e-mail to and I will add their contact here.

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I will be adding other provinces and territories soon as well as more Lawyers and Paralegals for Ontario.
I hope to have this page finished soon, so please check back regularly.

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