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My Story - My Dealings with the WSIB

My Dealings with the Ontario WSIB

Work Accidents

I decided to break my story down into separate pages discussing each work accident. This way people may start to understand the level of danger involved with the work that I had performed,
which caused four documented worker accidnets prior tot eh WSIB and several more after becoming the WSIB.
This never disucssed the repetitive strain injurries I experienced becuase WELL SIMPLY the WSIB does nto recognize them. I mean they say the recognize repetitive strain injurries, but rarely are workers ever granted claims for them.

Many may say well all work is dangerous, and it is a risk of the job!
Mostly employers will say this, or employer kiss-assess!
These are the workers who never actually do any dangerous or laborious work
but love to say how easy work is for others!

I have left my story off at this point for now.
The accidnet pages above do not work yet. I still have to create them.
I will return and complete this section of the website soon.
So please check back regularly!