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My 1st Documented Work Accident - Dec. 14/95 My 2nd Documented Work Accident - Nov. 18/96 My 3rd Documented Work Accident - Feb. 6/97 My 4th Documented Work Accident - Jul. 7/97

My Story - My Dealings with the WCB

My Dealings with the Ontario WCB up and
until December 31, 1997, when it became the WSIB

Work Accidents

I decided to break my story down into separate pages discussing each work accident. This way people may start to understand the level of danger involved with the work that I had performed,
which caused four documented worker accidnets.
This never disucssed the repetitive strain injurries I experienced becuase WELL SIMPLY the WSIB does nto recognize them. I mean they say the recognize repetitive strain injurries, but rarely are workers ever granted claims for them.

Many may say well all work is dangerous, and it is a risk of the job!
Mostly employers will say this, or employer kiss-assess!
These are the workers who never actually do any dangerous or laborious work
but love to say how easy work is for others!

The pages are for the accidents that I had, while the WCB existed. They are from the the time of my employment, of March 1995, with my accident employer, Action Force, up and until December 31, 1997. This is when the Workplace Safety & Insurance Act changed Ontario's Workers Compensation Board - WCB to the current
Workplace Safety & Insurance Board - WSIB.

As you can see there are four documented work accidents in less than two years of employment with Action Force, while I worked at Canadian Tire. Three of these accidents resulted in permanent impairments.
They were the December 14, 1995 work accident; the February 6, 1997 work accident, and the July 7, 1997 work accident.

Another interesting point
is that all four of these work accidents
were reported directly to my employer by me.
Yet my employer only reported two of them!