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Free Representation

Injured workers have a right to be represented,
at the WCB/WSIB/WorkSafe and the WCAT/WSIAT,
but we do not (YET) have a right to be provided
a representative free of charge,
or to be compensated for our legal costs!

This page has been setup to provide you information on all the free legal services avalaible to injured workers.
Most Provinces in Canada have what is known as the Office of the Worker Advisor. They are paid to offer free representation to injured workers.

I have a list for each Province and Territory, but I have been very busy with my legla work and have not had time to update this page yet.

For example in Ontario it is called the Office of the Worker Advisor

Another option is to check with the Provincial or Territorial legal aid. For example, in some regions they also offer free representation for injured workers.

Please check back later, as I will be updating this soon with specific information regarding free representation for each Province and Territory!