National Class Action

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National Class Action

This webpage has been setup to provide information regarding the National Class Action against every one of Canada's Provincial/Territorial workers compensation boards, specifically the WCB/WSIB/WorkSafe, and against every one of Canada Provincial/Territorial workers compensation appeals tribunals.

Pressently, the plan is to prepare a claim based on the three demands of the WorkersCompIsARight campaign specifically
DEEMING, PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS, AND IMEs(paid board doctors and paper doctors)
A fourth one will be added to address the intentional institutional delays within all of Canada's workers compensation systems.

If you know of any other Class Actions currently filed against any workers compensation board and/or tribunal in Canada
please let me know by e-mail at

ZOOM Meeting – January 31, 2021

I will be hosting an online ZOOM meeting event to be held on
Sunday January 31, 2021 at 3pm (est)
This maybe the first of several meetings or it may be the only meeting, depending on the turnout.

This meeting is strictly for injured workers and family members of injured workers ONLY!
No others are permitted to take part in this meeting.

This is to protect the privacy of injured workers and family members of injured workers who attend the meeting.
To also ensure a free flow of information amongst injured workers & family members, regarding this National Class Action.

The purpose of this ZOOM meeting will be to briefly explain:
  • what a class action is and how to proceed,
  • what my plan is to file a Nation Class Action lawsuit against all of Canada’s WCBs/WSIB/WorkSafe on behalf of Canada’s injured workers,
  • the grounds of the Nation Class Action (what the WCBs/WSIB/WorkSafe did to warrant the class action), and
  • why I choose a Charter Class Action instead of a Tort Class Action.

  • I will then seek input from injured workers & family members of injured workers, whomever of those that are interested in speaking, on the four issues:

    1. Do the above stated grounds (deeming, use of pre-existing conditions, use of IMEs, and intentional institutional delays) accurately reflect what has happen to you and most injured workers in Canada?

    2. Are there other far-reaching grounds that impact all injured workers collectively in Canada that should also be included?

    3. What should the amount of the damage claim be collectively against all WCBs/WSIB/WorkSafe in Canada and why?

    4. Would you be interested in being listed as a lead plaintiff?

    Strict ZOOM Meeting Etiquette
    Due to the size and scope of the meeting, I must insist on strict meeting rules be followed for us to achieve our goals!

  • The meeting will be limited to one hour.

  • Anyone found to be disrupting the meeting and/or speaking abusively to the host or other participants will be ejected from the meeting.

  • As there is a delay in ZOOM, a speaker list will be used and only the person who has been asked to speak will be allowed to speak.

  • PLEASE DO NOT TELL YOUR STORY DURING THIS MEETING! Your story is very important to me and everyone, but please just stick to answering the specific questions. So, I can get a feel of the issues affecting all injured workers in Canada. This will also allow others to speak.
    I DO WANT TO HEAR YOUR STORY, but not here and now. In time, I will be provided a way for you to tell me your story and I can post it on my website.

  • To respect the privacy of attendees, the meeting will NOT be recorded, but I will be taking notes, where possible, but will not include any personal information in my notes. I will save the Chat if anyone makes comments in the chat but will not make it public.

    If you are interested in participating in this ZOOM meeting, please register in advance of the meeting

    by clicking the following link here.

    Afterwards you will receive the meeting information by e-mail.

    PLEASE DO NOT disclose the ZOOM link and/or invite e-mail to anyone!
    It will be considered a breach of everyone’s privacy and you will be ejected from the meeting and barred from any further meetings.
    I must insist on this to protect people’s privacy and ensure the conversations are kept privileged between us.
    If you know anyone who is interested in wanting to take part in the meeting have them come here as you did and register.
    While I place an extremely great importance of the media, they will not be invited to this meeting.
    This is to ensure the privacy of the injured workers and family members of injured workers.

    As always, I value your input and hope this will be a productive and informative meeting for me and you!

    If you have any questions about the ZOOM meeting, you can also send them directly to me at