National Class Action

Things happening to Help injured workers!

National Class Action

This webpage has been setup to provide information regarding the National Class Action agaisnt every one of Canada's Provincial/Territorial workers compensation boards, specifically the WCB/WSIB/WorkSafe, and against every one of Canada Provincial/Territorial workers comepsnaiton appeals tribunals.

Pressently, the plan is to prepare a claim base don the three demands of the WorkersCompIsARight campaign specifically
DEEMING, PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS, AND IMEs(paid board doctors and paper doctors)
A fourth one will be added to address the intentional institutional delays within all of the workers comepensation systems.

A virtual Zoom meeting will be setup to discuss the specifics and further plans.
check back here regularly and also on social media for updates.

If you know of any other Class Actions currently filed against any workers compensation board and/or tribunal in Canada
please let me know by e-mail at