About FightWCB
or well really me!

Learn the reason why I created this website
and the associated social media accounts.

Well actually the reason is really simple...

FightWCB was setup by me, Paul Taylor.
I am a injured worker and I have been an injured worker for more than 23 years!

I setup this webite and associated social media feeds, after going through the entire workers compensation system. This included the appeal process within Ontario's workers compensation system, as well as fighting within Ontario's Court system. I am now at the Supreme Court of Canada, where I have failed injured workers across Canada, as my first leave application was denied by the
Supreme Court of Canada,
for now!
The fight continues...

In all my fight, the one thing I learned is that the workers compensation system and Onatrio's court system do not provide any assistance or even tolerance to those injured workers, like myself, who are FORCED to represent ourselves.
Everytime I appeared before a Board, Tribunal, or a Court, as a self represented person, I felt when I read their decision, that they thought I was representing myself because I thought I was smarter than they were! That they thought I have lots and lots of money for high-powered lawyers to represent me, and I just choose to make a complete ass of myself before them!

Sadly, the reality is that I was and am representing myself not because I am smarter than they are. I am simply doing it because I have no other choice, aside from giving up and HELL THAT IS NOT AN OPTION!
This is the story for most injured workers.

Everytime I say to the "powers that be" well if I have the right to be represented, then where are they, I can't afford them. Perhaps you can pay for it for me, becuase thnaks to the WSIB (Ontario's WCB I am broke! They of course respond with well ther eis no system inlace for that. Did you try this or that, like I am an idiot! Then I really want to say, shut the fuck up, but I and we all must show respect, even though the system is filled with hatred towards us and is utterly hypocritical towards low-income persons instead I just smile and say I have tried them all. They tell me if I am lucky enough I will have to wait, well years and for some reason I can not afford to live on nothing for years!

The following is an example of me trying my very best to get help, help that would never help!
In 1997, I went to the Office of the Worker Advicsor (OWA) to be represnetd by them and I was respresented by them in my very first WSIB appeal. I won the appeal, well actually the appeals officer realized there wa sno chance in hell of winning so she did mediation.
The OWA is a branch of the Minsitry of Labour and is independent of the WCB(Now WSIB). The OWA is funded by the premiums paid by employers. The OWA's main purpose is to provide representaiton services for injured workers who are not a member of a union. As time progressed into 1998 and 1999, when I needed the OWA again, they had advised me I would have to go on a waiting list. They advised me the wait list was two to five years and this was only for them to deicide if they are going to represent me, OR NOT.

My landlord and my bills will not wait two to five years, or longer to be paid!
So, I did what most other injured workers did, we were forced to represent ourselves and I did this like many countless others, with no help at all!

After my long fight I deicded to document my fight throguh this website, in a hope it might actually help others!
Now Don't get me Wrong! the OWA provides an invaluable service to Injured Workers, in Ontario and in many other jurisdictions. The problem is that their budget is so tightly controlled, that they are prevented from representing every injured worker who needs them as it should be! I have always believed in the legal doctrine that an individual who has been wronged and wins their case should not lose, with the legal expenses of their case. This is a legal principle that is well accepted in our courts, where the victor should not have to pay their court fees. However, in matters of workers compensation, like in all legal principles, it is entirely different – Injured workers MUST PAY!

In addition to fighting the WSIB (Ontario's WCB) I have also educated myself, without their help. I have gone from a high school drop out, to a person with three college diplomas(one in Informaiton Technology, one in Business Administration(Honours), and another in Paralegal Law) I also am pressently working on my degree at University and then maybe, if I survive a law degree!
I guess you cna see where I am heading with my education!

To learn more of my Story, go to my Story page.